Candidate Rebandt Call For A Day Of Prayer - Ralph Rebandt for Michigan Governor

Call For A Day Of Prayer

Five candidates have been denied the opportunity to run for Governor of the great state of Michigan. I express my sincere regret to these patriots who rose to stand up to the corrupt and disastrous Whitmer Administration at tremendous personal cost. I want to thank them personally for their sacrifice and for their desire to seek a better future for Michigan.

Today is not a day to rejoice in their loss, but rather a day to unite around our common goal, and to fight our common enemy. The globalist agenda is working to divide us. I will take leadership in our party to assure that they are not successful.

The fact remains that although the signatures were not eligible, it does not speak to the character or heart of these candidates. I will not allow the liberals to run this narrative. I will run this narrative. I firmly stand behind these candidates and support their efforts to investigate the evil that has taken place. When evil wins, we all lose. Therefore, I am calling on the citizens of Michigan to make this coming Tuesday, May 31st, a day of prayer to Almighty God, asking that the entangled web of evil at all levels in our political process, be exposed and that we will be led back to truth, respect, dignity, and love for one another.

Our campaign has seen exponential growth in the past few weeks and I believe it is because we value these four principles. Republicans, conservatives, grass-root patriots, as well as Democrats are uniting with us because they are attracted to our vision to “Make Michigan a Lighthouse to the Nation.”