Detroit Hosts Rally for Candidate for Michigan Governor Ralph Rebandt - Ralph Rebandt for Michigan Governor

Detroit Hosts Rally for Candidate for Michigan Governor Ralph Rebandt

Ralph Rebandt, Candidate for Michigan Governor is honored that the residents of Detroit are hosting a rally for him on Wednesday, July 12th.  The Black America Report media will be covering the event which offers free food for guests, a bounce house for kids, and an amazing line-up of speakers for adults. “Hosting this event in my honor humbles me because residents have told me that both Republican and Democrat candidates and politicians have ignored Detroit. The people of Detroit want a voice, not a hand out, and they trust me to make that happen. I won’t let them down.”

The event, held from 1:00 – 4:00 pm will take place at 15142 Joy Road in Detroit. Everyone is welcome. Accompanying Candidate Ralph Rebandt on the speakers list will be Candidate for Attorney General, Matt Deperno; Pastor and Community Leader, Ellis Smith; Pastor of Outreach, Zion Helms, Founder of the Black America Report, Articia Bomer; Author of The Black America Report, Ramon Jackson; Candidate for State House District 1, Paula Campbell; Candidate for District 4 Beth Socia; and author of A Faith of Equal Standingand founder of Faith of Equal Standing Ministries, and Adam Rebandt, son of Candidate Ralph Rebandt.

Candidate for Secretary of State Kristina Karamo will have representation, although she won’t be able to attend the event personally.

The rally will focus on “Making Detroit a Lighthouse” as a blueprint for other communities to follow. Speaker topics, among others, will center on the importance of individual responsibility, family values, our Judeo-Christian heritage, the integrity of our elections, a faith of equal standing, and Rebandt’s Lighthouse Initiatives for education and small business.

“This is one of the most important events of our campaign”, Rebandt said, “Detroit gets it. The citizens here have so much to offer, and they’re just as tired as I am of sending the same type of candidates to Lansing and expecting different results. This August, and again in November, they will speak, and this time, they will be heard.”