FAQs - Ralph Rebandt For Governor


Are you a Republican or Trump Loyalist?

I am a Republican who did support President Trump. Like many Republicans, I’m worried about the division within the party and I believe we need to be unified as Republicans to stand up against the liberal agenda that does not discriminate between Republicans and Trump Republicans or any conservative for that matter.

What kind of Republican are you?

I am a lifelong Republican who, like many, has witnessed different trends and focuses within the party. I truly believe that upholding the Constitution should be at the forefront of all those in office. Although being labeled a Republican or a Conservative are two labels that I’m proud to be called, I also feel my actions, my plan for Michigan, and my ability to unite and work together will supersede political labels. I know Michigan has big problems to confront and work through. I also recognize the Republican Party must stay together in order to play its role in Michigan’s recovery. I want to focus my camping on the people of Michigan and the recovery and not spend too much energy and time defining what type of Republican I am.

Separation of Church and State as a pastor?

As you know there is a fine line between separation of church and state. This country was founded on religious freedoms and although I hold “In God We Trust” and Christian values sacred, I also recognize other peaceful practicing religions and their right to worship. I have a long history of working with people from all walks of life and faiths. As long as we can have an open dialogue, I believe that is how progress is made. In no way, shape, or form will I deny being a Christian and I will continue to embrace my Christian values.

Constitution and Religious Freedom

What are your beliefs regarding the constitution and religious freedom ?

I believe the Founding Fathers set the Constitution based on the promise that religious freedom would be a foundation block of America. They were all Christian men. I believe in the Constitution of the United States and whether you hold office or not, you should respect and uphold the Constitution. I realize there is no higher law than the law God sets forth, but as stated before, the balance of church and state is a difficult one. I believe I would not get anything done if I approached my own congregation, the elders, and my supporters with the approach of doing things or looking at things just one way.