God Voter Endorsement - Ralph Rebandt for Michigan Governor

God Voter Endorsement


"GodVoter.com is pleased to officially endorse Ralph A. Rebandt for Governor of the state of Michigan. Ralph Rebandt has 35 years of organizational leadership and management experience, and a clear vision of the solutions to the fundamental challenges facing the state. He is more qualified to lead Michigan than the other 2022 Republican candidates, and eminently more qualified than Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic incumbent.

Ralph Rebandt is also a mature yet humble Christian leader who loves, obeys and serves God, and through whom God already has been blessing Michigan. He has shared his Christian testimonybeliefs, and positions as invited at the GodVoter.org website. Please pray for, financially support the campaign of, and elect Ralph Rebandt as the next Governor of Michigan."

For more information about Ralph Rebandt and his campaign for Governor of Michigan, or to offer an endorsement for Ralph, see the contact information below.

Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 248.256.3777
Website: RalphRebandtForGovernor.com