Michigan Health Choice Alliance Endorsement - Ralph Rebandt for Michigan Governor

Michigan Health Choice Alliance Endorsement




Dear Ralph Rebandt, 

Our PAC believes that all Michigan residents have the basic human right to make health choices on behalf of themselves, their children, and their patients without coercion, threat or penalty -- particularly by the government. We envision a Michigan population that is healthy, free of disease and toxic exposures, and believe each individual or parent is in charge of their own health. 

Our PAC is endorsing your campaign based on your documented support of health choice. Key issues we are focused on are health freedom, parental rights, vaccine choice, mask choice, physician autonomy and access to early and effective treatments for COVID-19. Candidates running for state or federal office were mailed a questionnaire addressing these topics and we are pleased to see so many candidates from both parties support of health freedom. Local candidates for country commission or school board can seek our endorsement by completing the local candidate questionnaire.