News - Ralph Rebandt For Governor

Justin Barclay Interview

Last Friday Ralph was on Justin Barclay Live once again to share his message with West Michigan. It is time for Michigan to stand up for what is right.   Continue reading

Gubernatorial Debate

The last major Gubernatorial debate took place yesterday night, July 20th, at Oakland University. It aired on local Fox stations in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Detroit. Ralph showed that he is the candidate we need to bring people together and solve the problems we face. You can watch Ralph's answers by clicking the link below.   Click the image below to watch the debate.    

To The Point: Ralph Rebandt, Pete Buttigieg

Ralph Rebandt, a Republican running for governor, shares why he is running and what he would do as governor. Click the image below to watch.

Violence In Detroit

Last week a police officer was fatally shot in Detroit on Joy Road. Ralph was notified of the situation by citizens on the ground who support him, and he immediately went down there to meet with them. While he was on the scene he was able to stop and pray for the future of Detroit and the safety of the people of Michigan.   Continue reading

Michigan GOP Governor Candidate Debate

The five Michigan GOP governor candidates debate in Warren, Michigan. FOX 2 is working for you and delivers breaking news, live events, investigations, politics, entertainment, business news and local stories from Detroit, Michigan, and across the nation. Continue reading

Detroit News Interview On Sexual Indoctrination

  DETROIT NEWS INTERVIEW -... - Ralph Rebandt for Governor | By Ralph Rebandt for Governor | DETROIT NEWS INTERVIEW - Ralph was interviewed by the Detroit news where he explained his views on the sexual indoctrination of children pushed by the left. 726 views, 38 likes, 11 loves, 4 comments, 26 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Ralph Rebandt for Governor: DETROIT NEWS INTERVIEW - Ralph was interviewed by the Detroit news where he explained his...

Newsmax Interview June 14th

  Ralph was on Newsmax June 14th with Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg. He spoke about the current state of the Michigan gubernatorial race and the recent news regarding candidate Ryan Kelley.   Please watch the interview below. Continue reading

Interview With Justin Barclay

Last week Ralph was interviewed by Justin Barclay following the gubernatorial debate that took place during the Mackinac Policy Conference.  Ralph and Justin spoke about many topics including the true nature of the issues that we face in Michigan today. You can watch the full interview on my facebook using the link below. Continue reading

GOP Mackinac Debate

June 3, 2022. The Mackinaw Island debate took place where Ralph shared his ideas on issues such as abortion, election fraud, mental health, the second amendment, and others.  Ralph stood firm in his conviction that we must bring God back into the classroom, culture, and the courtroom. If we do not get God right in this election, we will lose everything. Continue reading

Ralph Rebandt Wins Straw Poll!

  Last weekend was exciting with two back-to-back gubernatorial debates. The first took place in Marquette and Ralph was honoured to win the straw poll that took place during the event.   Continue reading