On Corruption & Forged Signatures - Ralph Rebandt for Michigan Governor

On Corruption & Forged Signatures

Yesterday evening Michigan lost. For years we’ve known that our entire system is corrupt, but until recently we haven’t known the depth and extent of the swamp even here in Michigan. There are more questions than answers right now. What we do know is that fraud took place, and although it’s too soon to point fingers, we must look at what we do know and start there. Someone forged signatures. We must start there and then work backwards and see where it ends. Wherever it ends.

Five Candidates for Governor of Michigan did not receive enough valid signatures to be placed on the ballot. Our campaign expresses a sincere regret to Michael Brown, Donna Brandenburg, James Craig, Perry Johnson, and Mark Markey. These patriots rose to stand up to the corrupt and disastrous Whitmer administration at great personal cost. I want to thank them personally for their sacrifices and to let them know that I am calling for a full investigation. We must remember that all of us suffer when evil triumphs.

While on the campaign trail for the past year, I have emphasized four values – truth, respect, dignity, and love.  All four of these values were violated, and as a result, the fair election process that we all desire, and deserve, has been sabotaged.”

President John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I am calling on the citizens of Michigan to pray for the moral and religious return to the Judeo-Christian principles that made us the greatest nation in the world.

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